Tomo Launchpad

ERC-404 Launchpad for Memes and Art

Tomoji is an ERC-404 Meme & Art Launchpad on Base

Tomoji Launchpad addresses the technical complexity of creating a new token, which limits creative expression for many individuals. With Tomoji, users can create their own ERC-404 collections by choosing a picture, name, supply, and mint price, while the smart contract is automatically generated. Half of the tokens are locked in liquidity pools, ensuring market stability. Open minting facilitates fair distribution.

ERC-404 Tokens

The ERC-404 token standard merges the unique qualities of NFTs (ERC-721) with the liquidity of ERC20 tokens, making it ideal for launching art and meme collections. It introduces fractional ownership, allowing more people to own parts of a digital asset. This increases participation and improves trading flexibility compared to traditional NFTs.

Tokens can be traded on Uniswap and listed as NFTs on Opensea and OKX.

Interactive Utility Within Tomo

In addition to their value as digital collectibles, tokens have a practical function within the Tomo app, serving as emojis. They can be used as an interactive way to respond to stories, adding an enjoyable and interactive layer to the app experience. Tomojis can also be sent as gifts or tips during chats, reflecting their monetary value. This feature introduces an element of fun and interaction and allows for earning opportunities and the transfer of value in a meaningful way.

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