Introducing Tomo

"Tomo" means "Friend" in Japanese

All-in-One Social Wallet

Tomo is an all-in-one Web3 social wallet designed to bring the mass adoption of crypto. It allows users to log in effortlessly with their social accounts and supports multiple chains, with a particular emphasis on bringing Bitcoin into Ethereum L2, Solana and Cosmos ecosystems.

On Tomo, users can easily manage assets, send crypto to each other, chat, post content, make friends, and participate in token-based interest groups. They can also on-ramp fiat currency with a credit card, trade crypto assets, create Tomojis, and more. Designed to be a comprehensive power app, Tomo meets all your Web3 needs.

Join Tomo, where your social capital is valued!

Why Tomo?

  • Seamless Web2-like user experience, natively on iOS, Android, Web, and Apple Vision Pro.

  • Social Login onboarding through X, Facebook, Google, Apple and more.

  • Integrated fiat onramp and automated ETH bridging.

  • Flawless sending of funds between users via direct messages, group chats, and stories.

  • Local Keys feature for discovering and connecting with users and businesses nearby.

  • Group chats for token holders, fostering communities where everyone is included.

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