Introducing Tomo
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Staying Connected With Tomo

❓How can I access Tomo?
🗨️You can download the Android and iOS versions of the Tomo app on your phone and start using it. You can easily create an account on Tomo with your Gmail, Apple ID, X, or Instagram handle.
❓ Will there be a web version of the app?
🗨️We don’t yet have a web version of Tomo. But our developer team is working hard to launch the web version of our app very soon.
❓ What to do if I can’t connect my X account to Tomo?
🗨️If you haven’t connected your X handle when opening an account on Tomo, you can do it later as well. Go to Settings and click on ‘Connect X’. Enter your X login credentials (email/username and password) and connect your Tomo account with X.
❓ If I change my X handle, will it affect my Tomo account and Chat Room accessibility?
🗨️Your Tomo account and Chat Room will remain intact even if you change your X handle. However, users who will follow your new X handle won’t be able to join your old Chat Room.
We’re currently working on supporting X handle changes for a seamless transition and will soon launch the feature on our app.
❓ Do you have a Discord server or Telegram group?
🗨️ Please go to our Telegram Group for customer support matters. The good thing is our team is currently working on developing a built-in server inside the Tomo app. This will help the Tomo community to stay connected with each other within the app.
❓ Where can I get all the latest updates about Tomo?
🗨️You can follow us on X at tomo_social and on Instagram at Tomoinc for all the latest updates about Tomo.

Tomo User Interface

❓ How does Tomo’s in-app economy work?
🗨️Tomo uses a Key-based Proof-of-Support system to build direct connections between content creators and followers. Simply put, the app uses tokens to prove that a follower supports a creator and creates new revenue-generation opportunities for everyone.
❓ What is a Key?
🗨️A Key is Tomo’s in-app tool to get exclusive access to a creator’s content and chatroom. Fans and followers can purchase the keys to follow influencers and creators who are already using Tomo. A bonding curve determines the price of a Key.
❓ How does a bonding curve determine Key prices?
🗨️A bonding curve initially sets Key prices at a minimum value and then keeps increasing as more users buy the Keys. This benefits early buyers as they can sell it later to make profits and help creators increase their royalty share.
❓ Can I use Tomo without purchasing a Key?
🗨️If you’re a content creator, you can use Tomo without purchasing any Key or crypto. Each Key transaction has a 10% royalty fee and 5% directly goes to the creator’s crypto balance. Thus, content creators can use this balance to activate their wallets and use Tomo. Please note that this is a V2 feature and is not available in the first version of Tomo.
❓ Can I withdraw my funds from Tomo? How can I withdraw it?
🗨️Yes, you can withdraw your funds from Tomo anytime.
In Tomo V2, you can automatically withdraw your funds to the Linea Mainnet Receival Address. Make sure to select an ETH amount that is not more than your Tomo in-app balance and keep a buffer to pay the gas fees.
❓ How can I earn points on Tomo?
🗨️You can earn Tomo points if your friends use your Referral code and complete certain tasks on the Tomo app. You can also earn more points if you use your friend’s referral code and complete the steps.

Tomo’s Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) Wallets [Advanced Level FAQs]

❓What are ERC-4337 wallets?
🗨️ERC-4337 wallets are programmable smart contracts that function as non-custodial wallets. These wallets can initiate and execute transactions independently. In 2023, an Ethereum update introduced the ERC-4337 or account abstraction standard which offers a user-friendly wallet interface and doesn’t require a seed phrase.
❓What is a private key?
🗨️A private key is a random string of characters that wallet holders use to sign or authorize transactions. Whoever has access to a wallet’s private key can access the wallet’s funds. A private key is somewhat like a credit card PIN number that enables you to make transactions. If someone loses their private key, they can only generate it with their seed phrase.
❓Can I export or back up the private key of my Tomo wallet? If yes, how can I do that?
🗨️Yes, you can export or back up the private key of your Tomo wallet. You need to go to the app’s Settings page and save the private key for easy recovery.
But you must note that currently, the private key is incompatible with other EOA wallets. Our team is working on EOA wallet compatibility and the private key will soon be integrated with OKX wallet.
❓What is the difference between Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and account-abstracted wallets?
🗨️Externally owned accounts (EOAs) are seed phrase-enabled wallets like MetaMask. These wallets use a seed phrase and private key to sign transactions.
Account-abstracted wallets don’t need any seed phrase to sign transactions. They’re independent, programmable smart contracts that initiate and sign transactions on their own.
❓Do I need to create my own wallet on Tomo? How can I do it?
🗨️Tomo users don’t have to create a web3 wallet on their own. When you open an account on Tomo, we automatically create a non-custodial wallet for you in the backend, thanks to account abstraction and ERC-4337.
❓How do you benefit from ERC-4337 wallets?
🗨️Tomo can easily set up your wallets as they don’t require any seed phrase or private key. You also benefit from Tomo wallets’ additional security like two-factor authentication (password, lock pattern, fingerprint) to confirm your own identity and deny unauthorized access.
Additionally, you can smoothly recover your wallet and take a backup in case your phone is lost. With ERC-4337 wallets, you will also enjoy flexible gas payment and can pay transaction fees in any ERC-20 token, stablecoin, and fiat currency apart from ETH.
❓Can I use an EOA wallet for my Tomo account?
🗨️Tomo automatically sets up an ERC-4337 wallet for you in the backend. You can use an EOA wallet like MetaMask to deposit ETH into your Tomo wallet. Our protocol offers automated bridging and will bridge funds to Linea if someone uses an EOA.
❓Can I use fiat currency like the US dollar for my Tomo account?
🗨️Yes, you can use fiat money and deposit it into your Tomo wallet to purchase Keys. This feature will go live in Tomo V2.

Tomo Safety Features

❓Is logging into Tomo with my Gmail, Apple, X, or Instagram account safe?
🗨️Yes, it is safe to log in to Tomo with your personal Gmail, Apple, X, or Instagram handle. We don’t store any of your login information or private data.
❓What steps has Tomo taken to ensure user safety?
🗨️The third-party Salus audit ensures that our protocol is safe for everyone. Besides the unbiased audit report, our in-house team is continuously working on improving our security features.
We aim to introduce end-to-end message encryption, screenshot prevention, and ‘burn after reading’ features in the upcoming versions of our app.

Troubleshooting Tomo

❓What to do if I send my tokens from a non-Ethereum chain to Tomo’s Ethereum address?
🗨️You needn’t worry as your funds won’t be lost. The Tomo team is equipped to help you recover your assets quickly. Please send an email to us at [email protected] with your registration details and transaction hash. The recovery processing time can be around 3 days.
❓What can I do if I send my tokens from a non-Linea chain to Tomo’s Linea address?
🗨️The Tomo team is here to assist you in the quick recovery of your assets. Please send an email to us at [email protected] with your registration details and transaction hash.
The recovery processing time might take 1-2 months, depending on the blockchain compatibility with our ERC-4337 wallet. We will of course do our best to recover your funds but we cannot guarantee it in this case.
❓Can I restore my Tomo account if I accidentally delete it? How to do it?
🗨️Yes, you can restore your Tomo account if you delete it. Please send an email to us at [email protected] with your registration details. Our support team will help you to recover your account.
You can also take a backup of your private key and use it to restore your Tomo account.

Tomo’s New Updates

❓How can I view a Story on Tomo?
🗨️Tomo has three separate ‘Story’ pages. There is a Public Story feed (shows recommended content), a Following feed (shows the users/creators you follow), and a Keys feed (shows the users/creators you own keys of). You can tap left to view the previous story, tap right for the next one, and swipe up to see the next recommended story.
❓Can I react or comment on a Story like I do it on Instagram?
🗨️No, you cannot react or comment on a story yet.
However, you can directly send a message to the user who posted the Story. You need to buy the creator’s Key to send messages.
❓How can I publish/put up a Story?
🗨️You have to click on the center ‘New’ button to put up public Stories and private Feeds.
❓Can I bookmark/save a user profile?
🗨️Yes, you can bookmark a content creator’s profile or share their link with your friends. Each profile shows the creator’s public Story and private Feed.
❓What new features are coming on the Chat Room?
🗨️The Chat Room admins can now mute everyone, appoint or remove managers, and delete other members’ messages. The Chat Room participants can also reply to and tag other users. They can delete or edit their own messages as well.
❓What can I do on the DM page?
🗨️You can now send voice messages, pictures, and videos on the DM page. Moreover, you can edit or delete your own messages even after sending them.
❓Are there any changes on the Keys page?
🗨️Yes, we have introduced multiple changes on the Keys page. Now Tomo shows all the Keys together, sorted by price, 24-hour volume, and holding value. You can choose if you want to show your holding value within the app. We also have a separate page for users to keep track of the creator’s Keys they hold.
❓Can I connect with local content creators?
🗨️Yes, you can connect with local content creators. We have a Local page that sorts users by distance. This will help you to find influencers and creative personalities who live near you and can possibly connect with you in virtual and real life. In Tomo V2, we use the Local Keys feature to set a fixed distance of 200 kilometers. When both creators and followers activate their location from their Tomo profiles, they can connect with nearby profiles.