Tomo Extension Wallet

Tomo Extension Wallet is a multi-chain social wallet for the BTC ecosystem. It enhances your decentralized trading experience and supports numerous chains, emphasizing the Bitcoin ecosystem, including Bitcoin PoW and Bitcoin L2s. The wallet also supports Ethereum, Base, Linea, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB, and Cosmos chains, with more coming soon. Designed for both beginners and experienced users, it features an intuitive user interface and robust security, ensuring your assets are always protected. With Tomo Wallet, you can manage assets across multiple chains. Users can easily log in using your email, thanks to the easy social login feature. The wallet utilizes Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to encrypt seed phrases, storing them in a sharded manner across multiple points, including your local environment and cloud storage. The interface is simple and intuitive for all users, making it user-friendly.

Currently Tomo extension wallet support the following chains:

  • EVM chains, such as Ethereum, Linea, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, and BNB Smart chain. Users can add any EVM compatible chain into the wallet easily.

  • Bitcoin chains, it supports Bitcoin mainnet, signet and testnet, and Bitcoin assets such as BRC20 tokens.

  • Cosmos chains

  • And more to come soon...

This document shows how dApps integrates with Tomo extension wallet.

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