Introducing Tomo
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Points System

Tomo is introducing a new points system for its users. All users can earn retroactive points in the following ways:

Buy Keys of Content Creators

Instagram Keys of a content creator offer more points than X Keys. Users will accrue more points if they purchase the Keys of a creator with more Instagram followers.

Refer Tomo to New Users

Users earn 5 points for each successful referral. Earlier, the referred person had to complete 5 steps but now they only have to do 3 steps for a referral. They need to create a Tomo account, connect X, and purchase a Key.
If users refer to Instagram users, they earn more points compared to X users. The points multiply with each successful referral and grow exponentially if the referred people actively trade and use Tomo. A user with more than 51 successful referrals will earn record points.

Complete Various Activities

Users can buy Votes, create new content, stay active on the Tomo app, create daily login streaks, and log in at least once in 7 days to earn more points.
Tomo will organize separate campaigns and multiplier events in the future, such as rewarding early activities, content creation contests, and charity sessions for additional points.