Introducing Tomo
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Tomo Features

Fresh V2 Functionality

  • A fresh design, look, and feel just like any other premium web2 social app.
  • Users can link their Instagram and X accounts to Tomo to connect with their web2 friends. They can also link with to access exclusive in-person events.
  • Creators can now put up public stories that will generate interest among followers to access private content and feeds. Fans can also directly message the creators from their stories if they have the creators’ Key.
  • New chat functionality where users can send voice messages to each other.
  • The Local Keys feature will allow users to locate and connect with nearby profiles. However, this feature works only when users activate location sharing with the Tomo app.
  • The following is enabled; now users can watch stories of chosen creators, as well as save their profiles to conveniently monitor their activity and key's price.
  • The user profiles display the earned fees and other amounts nominated in dollars ($) to help web2 users navigate the app easily.
  • Tomo V2 is introducing a fiat onramp feature to enable users to buy ETH with local fiat currency. Tomo will automatically bridge the funds to the Linea blockchain so that users can start trading immediately.
  • Users can create custom reference links for their own dApp via Tomo’s SDK and share the link with everyone else.
  • Creating new Votes will not be possible in the new version for technical reasons, but existing Votes will remain active and tradable on the app. However, the plan is to re-introduce complete Votes functionality in the later versions.