How Tomo Wallet Manages Your Key?

In Tomo Wallet, your private key is generated whenever you activate your account. However, you don't need to remember your Mnemonic phrase like most other wallets. Tomo wallet helps you manage your keys smartly and securely:

1. Storage: Tomo wallet uses SSS to divide the user's private key into three shares with a threshold. One share is held by your device logged into your Tomo account, Tomo's secure backend server preserves the second, and the last share is held by a secure cloud vault service accessible only by the user. The user can use Tomo's free cloud vault based on AWS cloud HSM or a personal cloud account (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox).

2. Usage: To use the private key for transactions, the user device retrieves the share from Tomo's backend server and reconstructs the private key with the user's local share. This temporary reconstruction of the private key allows the user to authorize transactions securely.

  1. Recovery: If the user changes or resets the device, the user can fetch the cloud-stored share and re- share the reconstructed key between the backend, cloud, and the new device. The recovery mechanism allows the user to recover the private key with backup shares, and this recovery procedure will make the old share in your old device useless; thus, the user doesn't need to worry about the lost share in your lost device.

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